Move-In and Move-Out Inspections For Tenants / Landlords

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A tenant should by no means move into a rental property until each of the following items are accounted for by all involved parties:

  • All necessary leases and addendums have been signed and dated by all parties
  • Possible security deposits, first month’s rent and/or any other monies have been paid prior to moving and include a written receipt.
  • Landlord has provided tenant(s) with keys to rental property.
  • Landlord and tenant have conducted a walkthrough of the premises to conclude the condition and ensure it’s ready for the tenant.

It is imperative not only for the landlord but also for the tenant to keep proper documentation associated with the rental property. In such file one should keep deposits (security deposit & 1st month’s rent), signed lease, move-in inspection sheet with all damages listed as well as any other documentation pertaining to the property. Within this file, ensure to have a list of existing damages prior to moving in to the rental property. The list of damages needs to be signed by the tenant along with the landlord. The landlord as well as the tenant should receive a copy of such list in order to avoid possible future disputes. This is also to protect the tenant; that way the landlord cannot charge and hold the tenant accountable for damages that were in the rental property prior to moving in.

Be advised that when signing a lease, you are actually signing a legal and binding contract. In such contracts responsibilities and benefits for the landlord as well as the tenant are precisely described and must be adhered by. It is very important, as a tenant, to understand everything within your lease and if you have any questions, make sure you ask your landlord. Landlords should answer each question honestly and make sure the tenant understands his or her responsibility concerning the rental property. In the event you as the tenant fail to review and comprehend the lease, be advised that this may result in financial or other liability down to small claims court.

Questions such as the following should be answered and covered within your lease:

  • Who is responsible for certain types of repairs?
  • Who is responsible of shoveling snow?
  • Who is responsible for cutting the lawn(s)?
  • Who is responsible for changing the oil filters in the furnace and the filters in the air-conditioners?

Unfortunately, not every landlord conducts a move-in or a move-out inspection. Consequently, I have created a Move-In as well as a Move-Out Inspection Sheet for you.

In the event you are planning on moving into a new property, and your landlord does not provide a move-in inspection, you are most certainly welcome to utilize the ones provided by me; just fill out the form below.